Exceptional Solutions for Exceptional Reliability™

Welcome to Vacuum Energy Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of getters using Sandia’s polymer hydrogen getter technology. We have spent decades collaborating with Sandia National Laboratories to develop innovative new classes of hydrogen absorbing materials for use in demanding applications where conventional getters are unsuitable. Our PolyGetter™ technology also enables innovative approaches to other gases of concern, like water vapor in microelectronic systems.

PolyGetters™ improve the performance of numerous industrial products. PolyGetters™ also help prevent the risk of industrial and consumer product explosions by irreversibly scavenging unwanted hydrogen gas.

Whether your conditions call for insuring the safety of millions of consumer devices or meeting the extreme requirements of leading edge systems and technologies, let us help you with your gettering challenges.

Founded in 1991, Vacuum Energy has focused on advanced technology gettering materials for the most demanding applications.