Vacuum Insulation Is In Our Blood

PolyGetter™ CG-CRYO™ for vacuum insulated tanks, pipes and other systems for use in the cryogenics industry including LNG. PolyGetter™ CG-CRYO™ is designed to provide an economically advantageous replacement for palladium oxide in these applications. For more information click here:

PolyGetter™ CG-VIP™ is optimized for use in vacuum insulated panels (VIPs.) There are two main gases that degrade VIP performance, water vapor and hydrogen. PolyGetter™ CG-VIP™, when sized appropriately, is engineered to sorb hydrogen from a VIP panel over the length of its service life. When combined with the proper use of a desiccant like calcium oxide to sorb outgassed water vapor, PolyGetter™ CG-VIP™ plays a critical role in maintaining the like new performance of a VIP over years of service. For more information please see our tech note:

Getter solutions are our business. We work closely with our customers to engineer solutions to meet their specific needs. Please call us today and let one of our application engineers work with you to create a successful getter solution!